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Ideas for distance learning end of year celebration!

Distance learning during coronavirus outbreak was indeed a new experience to children, parents, and schools. It was full of learning opportunities, new experiences, challenges, and creativity.

Check out the these ideas to celebrate the last day of school with your students virtually. If you are homeschooling or a parent, I still encourage you to do some of these activities as a reflection with your child.

We are going to create a slideshow for students, sing a long a song together online, then we will be sharing our best moments and challenges throughout the year. We will also stress on some grace and courtesy activities. You can also have a digital class party and watch a movie together.

Below are some of the best ideas we recommend:

1- Ashley from (TeachCreateMotivate) has shared 7 ideas, you can read more about them on her blog. They include (creating digital memory books, digital balloon pop which is my favorite, and virtual bingo games). Click here to read more about her amazing ideas!

2- Shannonmareeteaching also has 10 interesting ideas, especially suited for elementary and older students. Click here to read more about them.

3- Simply Kinder also has interesting ideas for KG students, I like the most the alphabet countdown before you pop the virtual balloons or start the celebration. Click here to read more about the activities.

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