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Montessori Peace Corner and Emotional Zones

I am obsessed with "Peace Corners". Every year I like to add some new ideas to it. There are still for me some “Must Have” items on the peace table every year.

🌸Peace Rose.

🔮A relaxing lamp.

An hourglass.

📜Peace quotes, figures, and list of things to do to feel calm. This really helps our children to get over their anger with some practical peace exercises.

⭐️Above all is to go myself to the peace table in front of the children, so they know that even we as adults can get angry or just need some relaxing calm time.

We also use the “Emotional Zones” to supplement the peace corner. You can download a copy of the Emotional Zones posters and action cards here.

📚Research has shown that our children expressive language is declining, due to the intensive screen time they are exposed to and the lack of socialization between some families. Every one is glued to their smart phones and screens.

📚The “Emotional Zones” help children to reflect on their feelings and why they feel them. In the second photo, you will see how we hang them on the wall along with pocket files. Children write about why they feel happy, scared, or sad.

📝The pack includes posters, action cards for each feeling, and teacher/parent tracker to track your child’s feelings throughout the week or month.

Learn more about our:

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