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Why is Geometry important for children?

Geometry is considered a part of the spatial intelligence. Spacial intelligence includes skills like reasoning, visual thinking, and ability to solve problems. Such skills are only one aspect of a person's overall intelligence. But research suggests that spatial thinking is a crucial part of the child's overall achievement in all other life skills and academic areas.

For example:

- Preschoolers who are better at visualizing spatial relationships develop stronger arithmetic abilities in primary school.

- There is evidence that early spatial ability predicts a young child's reading skills.

- Statistics have shown that teens with excellent spatial skills are also more likely to secure employment in the visual arts or business.

For this reason it's important to nurture your child's Spacial intelligence from an early stage. Montessori Geometry makes Geometry a concrete concept that children can visualize and internalize through the carefully designed materials from the solid objects to the stick box and Montessori protractor.

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