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This 200+ page workbook includes:


Activity 1: I spy

This activity comes as a follow up after the child has played with the concrete objects of the “I spy” game.

Print and laminate each “I Spy” mat for more durability. Invite the child to circle the pictures of the objects that has the initial sound on the mat.

Activity 2: Fill in the letters

This set of letters can be used in a variety of activities. You can use them to create your own set of upper- and lower-case sandpaper letters. Apply glue, then sprinkle sand on it till it dries.

You can also fill the letters with rocks, objects from nature, playdough, or color them with dot painting.

Activity 3: Color and trace the letters (thick outline)

Children need to trace letters with thick outline first until they are comfortable to trace the thin outline with a pencil. Invite the child to trace the letters with a marker and color them.

Activity 4: Trace the letters (thin outline)

In this activity older children can trace the letters with a pencil if they are ready.

Activity 5: Clip it!

Use pegs, counters, or a paperclip to clip the initial sound of each word. You can laminate the cards for more durability.

Activity 6: Spot the letters

This activity helps the child to recognize lower case letters. They can color the lower case letters of each letter on the left.

Activity 7: Fun with words

This activity is ideal for children who are practicing blending and reading (pink, blue, and green Montessori reading schemes). Print and laminate each mat for more durability. Invite the child to read each word, find resources around the room to build it and write it.

Activity 8: Words Family Rhyme

Print and laminate the mat and circle all the words that rhyme from the same family, then write them on the line.




3-6 Literacy Workbook

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