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This 500 page bundle includes printables all our 2023 printables that cover Math, Language, and Cosmic:



Bacteria 4-parts cards(10 pages)

Biomes Map and Sorting Mats(23 pages)

Birds Unit Study(59 pages)

Elements of the periodic table cards (106 elements included) (51 pages)

Hibernation, migration, and adaptation(23 pages)

Light & Shadows Activity Pack(38 pages)

Seas Around the World + Types of Seas Definition Cards (24 pages)

Sound Unit Study (28 pages)




Detective Adjective Game (16 pages)

Handwriting Practice Pack (Positive Affirmations and Word families) 38 pages

Letter Formation Posters for movable alphabets (27 pages)

Narrative Writing Pack (79 pages)

Opinion Writing Pack (33 pages)

Order of Adjectives (22 pages)

Punctuation Marks (Comma Pack)  10 pages)



Commutative Law of Multiplication Activity (15 pages)

Money Task Cards (15 pages)

Parts of a circle 4 parts cards + Chart (15 pages)

Ratio and Proportion Pack (14 pages)

Subtracting by Hundreds (4 pages)

Subtracting by Ones (4 pages)

Subtracting by Thousands (4 pages)



All 2023 Store Printables Bundle

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