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You can get all the store printables in ONE SINGLE BUNDLE 



Math Printables:


  • Types of lines
  • Subtraction Strip Board
  • Concentric and inscribed figures
  • Congruent and similar 
  • Bead bars skip counting
  • Standard, expanded, and word forms of numbers
  • Shapes preschool pack
  • Number names puzzle
  • Montessori bead houses 
  • Measuring length pack
  • Measuring mass pack 

...and many more.


Language Printables:


  • Syllables activities
  • R-controlled vowels
  • Nouns tracing activities
  • Objects in a winter environment 
  • Question mark pack
  • Quotation marks pack
  • Alphabets posters
  • Suffixes
  • Prefixes
  • Rhyming words puzzle
  • Instructional writing pack
  • All beginning sounds matching activity

...and many more.


Science and Cosmic Printables:


  • Africa wildlife unit study
  • Asia wildlife unit study
  • North America wildlife unit study
  • Sunflowers pack
  • Types of thermometers 
  • Volcano 4-part cards
  • Skeleton child-sized temlate
  • Baby and parents animals puzzle
  • Butterflies unit study
  • Honeybees unit study
  • ...and many more.


Art, Sensorial, and Practical Life Printables:


  • Sense of touch mini book
  • Symmetry activities
  • Spring paintings + coloring booklet 
  • Echo drawing
  • Asia wildlife unit study

...and many more.


Social-emotional Printables:


  • Character education curriculum
  • Emotional zones


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