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-  Healthy and unhealthy food posters. They can be used to introduce the lesson, then invite children to find real food in the kitchen or room and place them on the poster that matches them.
- Sorting Activity. (Print and laminate the labels and pictures. Shuffle them, then invite the child to sort them in the right column (Healthy or Unhealthy)
- Sorting food to the correct teeth. On the long term, unhealthy food can damage our teeth due to the amount of added salt and sugar.
- Two independent practice activities (They can be used as assessment). You can laminate the last two activities for more durability. Using a marker, the child will write on the line whether the food in the picture is healthy or unhealthy. In the last activity, they will circle the food that matches the word.
-Control of error charts, so children can check their work independently.

Healthy and Unhealthy Food

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