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In this 41 pages bundle you will have access to:


Activity 1:

The first two differentiated activities focus on sorting nouns according to “Person, place, or thing”. This can be a follow up activity, after you have introduced the initial Montessori nouns lesson using the symbols. If the children are still developing their reading skills, they can sort the pictures only. If they are fluent readers, then they can sort the cards set that has the nouns without pictures.


Activity 2:

Sorting nouns according to “Concrete” or “Abstract”.


Activity 3:

Sorting nouns according to “Singular” or “Plural” and word search activity.


Activity 4:

Sorting nouns according to “Common” or “Proper”.


The last two activities in this bundle are two activity sheets that you can use as assessment or evidence in the children’s journal as part of their weekly work plan.

Worksheet 1: Change each common noun to a proper noun by matching it the common to the proper noun.
Worksheet 2: In this word search activity, they just need to circle all the common and proper nouns in black.


Montessori Nouns Bundle

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