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This Solar System Pack includes:


- A KWL chart. You can start the unit by printing this chart on an A3 paper. Ask children what they already know about the solar system and planets and write all the information they know in the (K) part of the chart. Allow some time for wondering and asking ques-tions that they are curious about. Invite children to list down all the questions they have about the solar system in the (W) part of the chart. Finally, at the end of the unit they will reflect in the KWL chart in the (L) part about what they have learned.

- Inner planets and outer planets posters.

- 3 parts-cards.

- Facts cards about the Solar System.

-Flap it activities for research. (Cut the dotted parts and glue the left part only on a piece of paper or journal. Make sure not to glue the facts flaps.)

- My planet report (can be printed many copies to conduct a research about each planet). - Matching activity

-Complete the missing letter activity.

-Solar System Booklet for each child to be used for final reflection and assessment or throughout the unit.

Solar System Pack + Booklet

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