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-  Animals shadows matching activity.

- Animals covering matching activity.

- Animals 3 part cards.

- Classifying animals sorting activity(vertebrates and non-vertebrates).

- Classifying mammals.

- 11 posters/definition cards.

- 5 Habitats (desert, polar, ocean, grassland, rainforest).

- 3 Flap books.

- 12 amimals movement task cards.

- 20 coloring sheets.

- Adjectives activity.

-Adaptation, hibernation, and migration sorting activity.

-Sorting animals according to where they live (land, water, air).

-Sorting animals according to their diet (carnivores, herbivores, omnivores).

- 2 workbooks full of activities for children to fill it out as a reflection as they learn about animals.

One workbook is designed for the (3-6) age group and the other one is suitable for the (6-9) age group.
-Control of error charts, so children can check their work independently

Zoology Bundle (132 pages of activities)

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