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Grammar Course

All you need to know about Montessori grammar lessons from parts of speech to advanced sentence analysis

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Who We Are

- We are a group of MACTE and AMI certified instructors inspired by the Montessori method and its effect on children. We aim to make Montessori education and all its resources more accessible and affordable to educators and parents all over the world.

- We are a group of parents who are inspired by the Montessori method and trying to raise our kids the "Montessori Way"

What we Offer

- We offer over 250 authentic Montessori video courses, printables for your shelf and follow up activities with the child and curriculum albums. Our albums are rated as best sellers on different platforms for the unique step-by-step picture and caption for the lesson.

- We offer consultancy services for new Montessori schools or mainstream schools who are looking for implementing Montessori as part of the curriculum

- We also offer some free printables, check out our library to download them instantly 


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