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Montessori Silence Games

The direct aim of this exercise is to refine the child's auditory sense. The indirect aim is to promote self-control, concentration, grace and courtesy, as well as, self-discipline. Dr. Montessori says that a deeper level of awareness and sensitivity to noise can help to enter into a “more refined and subtle world”. Montessori therefore came up with the “Silence Game” or “The Exercise of Silence”.


Invite the child or group of children to the lesson. Display a peaceful scene on the board and the word "Silence". Ask" Is there anytime when you feel that you need everyone around you to be quiet or silent? Why? Why not?" Encourage children to share their thoughts and then formulate together a meaning that is easy for everyone to understand for the word "Silence".

There are various ways to do this exercise. You can explain that when you ever display the word "Silence" on the board, then everyone needs to freeze and be quiet. We also do some breathing exercises. So when they see the word "Silence" , they take 3 -5 deep breaths. Once you ring the bell they continue their work quietly (works well in a classroom setting).


Display the word "Silence" and explain that you will play together a new silence game. The child can be blindfolded or they can just close their eyes. You will walk across the room and ring the bell. They need to figure out your spot by listening carefully. You can also play the silence game by setting a digital timer on the screen or using an hourglass. Everyone remains silent for a minute while taking deep breaths.

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