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Continents Activities (Antarctica)

We have been working this month with the Montessori continents puzzle map and supplemented it with this jigsaw puzzle from @teachmy. It comes with big puzzle pieces, book, color coded like the Montessori puzzle map, set of animals cards for each continent to connect and cards for matching. It made Yousuf blown away with the continents. I take keen interest in follow up activities that supplement the Montessori materials, and I can’t recommend this one enough. His favorite continent so far is Asia and favorite animal is the koala (",)

This week we are learning about the Polar habitat. The sensory bin we created was simple. I purchased trays that are color coded with the continents colors and added some cotton balls and blue gravel.


⚪️The animals set we used is from @safariltd I have also shared in the photos the visual word book we used that included many habitats. I am definitely using it for Zoology throughout the year. It’s perfect especially for (3-6) age group.


⚪️You can play I spy and learn together the names of many animals. I like the variety of living and non-living things they included for the Arctic, as some children are mainly familiar with the penguins and polar bears. There are around 4 birds species that live there.


⚪️ We are also introducing mammals and started with the Arctic mammals.

You can click here to download the Antarctica booklet for you child's reflection throughout the unit.

Try out these ideas and share with us!

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