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24 Practical Life Activities for Toddlers

Are you currently doing any Practical life activities with your toddler? If you haven't started any yet, then you may want to know first why they are important?

The direct aim of Montessori Practical Life area is to develop independence. You may have noticed that as your toddler grows, they develop a need to do things for themselves and would grab things from your hand if you try to do things for them. The indirect aims are to develop intelligence, concentration, patience, writing, and the mathematical mind. You can learn more about Montessori Practical Life in our online course.

We have listed for you over 14 Practical Life Activities that you can start with your toddler today.

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” – Maria Montessori.

1- Transfer dry beans from one container to another, first with their hands then using tools (spoons, soup spoon, laddles, ..etc).

2- Transfer any liquid with a sponge from one container to another, then using a baster, then a small dropper.

3- Using clothpins (pegs).

4- Buttoning and zipping a zipper.

5-Snipping playdough and yarn.

6- Using a scissor and cutting exercises.

7-Cutting banans and apples.

8-Spreading jam or cheese.

9-Locks board.




13-Washing and scrubbing a table/floor.

14-Washing the window with a squeegee or sponge.

15-Setting a table.

16-Arranging flowers in a vase.


18-Gardening and caring for plants.

19-Walking in a line on a floor tape.


21- Weaving on a metal loom or paper weaving.

22-Showing grace and courtesy (practicing saying thank you and please).

23-Taking turns exercises.

24-Beading and stringing exercises.

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