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4 Top Reasons Montessori Children excel in Math operations at an early stage

Have you ever had a Math phobia? Or were you an advanced child getting A+ in Math? The Montessori Math curriculum is one of the most highlighted areas of strength in the Montessori materials. Dr. Montessori precisely designed Math materials that make the child able to develop his mathematical mind at an early stage. Math concepts are taught in a spiral way. She was definitely ahead of her time and below are the 4 TOP reasons why Montessori taught children excel in Math at an early stage.

1-The Golden Beads and Hierarchical Materials

Place value is the basis of Math curriculum, which is indeed well presented in the Montessori materials. From a concrete level to a gradually abstract level. You can watch how the hierarchical lesson is presented up to one million in the video below, which is one of our step by step presentations in the Montessori Numeration and Operations Course available on our website.

2-The color coding

The consistent color coding helps children to visualize all quantities. Green represents the (units, one thousands, one million, ..etc.). Blue represents the (tens, ten thousands, ..etc.). Red represents the (hundreds, hundred thousands,..etc.). Children are exposed to the same color coding as they use the different materials, such as the stamp game, peg board, and bead frames.

3-Developing the mathematical mind indirectly through practical life activities

Children are taught most of the Math skills indirectly since they are in the casa (3-6) through the variety of practical life and sensorial activities.

4-Algebra (Binomial and Trinomial cubes)

So, how did you learn (x + y) all squared and (x+y)³ at school? Many of us started our Math phobia once we started learning about Algebra. The fascinating design of the Binomial and Trinomial cubes that children first explore in their early childhood class as a sensorial puzzle, which turns later on in Elementary to be the Algebraic expressions that many of us struggled with when we were children.

These are just the top reasons among many infinite reasons why Montessori children excel in Math at an early stage.

You can learn more about Montessori lessons in all areas through our online courses

Happy Learning!


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