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Do you use Sandpaper in your elementary classroom?

Sandpaper letters are one of the most popular Montessori materials to build the foundation of the language curriculum in early childhood (3-6) classrooms. In most of the classrooms we observed, I haven't seen them utilized enough in elementary. You can check out our video demonstration on how we use them in elementary while the child is blindfolded to practice spelling and vocabulary words.

There are also so many ways to fill the gap in elementary and practice spelling words in a personalized way, that can meet the different learning styles and are scaffolded based on Blooms's taxonomy. Checkout this amazing free resource from "Innovative Teaching Ideas"

They have over 42 ideas of practicing spelling words using multiple intelligence strategies.

If you're interested to learn more about Montessori in step by step video presentations you may want to check our online courses:

Especially this course: Teach Your Child Reading with Montessori Materials. It covers all the Montessori reading program from early childhood to elementary.

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