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Our First Montessori Shelf!

The time we are living now in the world with the Coronavirus outbreak and how we all need to hold tight to the resources we have, or utilize what we already have in the best way possible reminded me when I started my Montessori journey 10 years ago.

I was working in a school in Egypt and was inspired by the Montessori philosophy and had a training that was in a small center available there, before I dig deeper and travel to different continents to become certified in Early Childhood and elementary.

If you are a parent who suddenly had to homeschool your child and you don't have the Montessori materials at home, you can still do it! Just create your own sets, they don't have to look perfect. Below is a picture of the corner I was allowed to have in the traditional school I was working in at that time. We didn't have any Montessori materials in Egypt, so I had to create my own. Now 10 years later I am happy to have almost all the authentic Montessori materials that we use in our online courses :)

We downloaded the stamp game tiles for free and made our own set. You can download it for free here. You can also download the 1000s, 100s, 10s, and 1s card sets for the operations for free here. You will also find many other free resources in our library.

Then, we sewed our own place value mat that children can use to build numbers and using the golden beads in the four operations (Addition, subtraction, multiplicaiton, and division).

We used buttons for the card and counters activity to teach them even and odd. You will also find in the picture a basket with the Grammar Symbols Solids used to teach parts of speech. You can make them from foam and then just paint them. Of course you may know how expensive these materials are if you buy them. Then, we made cutouts from cardboard to use for symbolizing sentences. You can learn more about Montessori Grammar here.

If you're interested to learn more about Montessori in step by step video presentations you may want to check our online courses:

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