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What is a Montessori impressionistic lesson?


"The boy is singing loudly." "The boy is signing quietly." "The boy is singing emotionally." These are just few examples of the so many "Adverbs" the child used to demonstrate how he would like to perform the singing action.

This is the beauty of Montessori Grammar! The verb is represented in Montessori with a red sphere (circle) which represents energy. On the other hand, the "Adverb" which is part of the verbs family is represented as an orange sphere (circle). The adverb tells us how the action should be performed.

First, I invite the children to enjoy the "Impressionistic Grammar Lesson" on a concrete level, before we move to the abstract level. You just lay out the set of verbs, and choose as many adverbs as possible that can describe this action. Then, the child steps on the red and orange circles to act out each adverb. Adam enjoyed this activity a lot. Although he is generally, more interested in Math Lessons and can hardly work on a language activity for more than 10 minutes. He spent most of his 3 hours work cycle playing with adverbs.

A Montessori impressionistic lesson comes from the word "Impression". It is how to create a visual and concrete impression within the child to make the lesson memorable. Specially with concepts that are abstract and can hardly be visualized. This is only one of the so many impressionistic lessons within the Montessori curriculum.

You can learn more about Montessori Grammar in this online self-paced course.

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